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20 April 2011

When can we start taking our child to the movies?

lunch time okies.

Hmmm..baru jumpa dekat baby center...

I subscribe with bb center..since pregnant dulu lagi. So dia akan send kat email macam2 info. And da ada satu folder, khas untuk info bb center ni. Bagus jugak...banyak info yg bleh dpt.

Since i nk bawak wina g tgk movie dari 2 mggu lepas, tp tak jadi2..tetiba hari ni dpt information terbaru...sgt sesuai la.

Ibu2, bapa2..mari kita membaca bersama-sama...for our info.

p/s: acik fida..sila baca yer..hihihi.


She'll probably appreciate short children's films starting around age 2 1/2 or 3. A few things to keep in mind:

Movies can be great family-friendly entertainment, making your little one laugh at silly jokes and prompting her to sing along to catchy songs. They can also be a terrific way to introduce your child to real-life situations.

But many films are too long for the youngest children, who have short attention spans and find it difficult to sit still and be (relatively) quiet for long stretches of time. Movies can also be confusing or scary.

When you decide your child is ready to go with you to a movie theater, pick your flick carefully. Definitely pass on action movies designed for teenagers or adults. For one thing, the noise level is too harsh for your child's sensitive ears. At the age of 2 or 3, what she sees is what she believes, and a scary movie can bring on nightmares. Even G-rated movies can be too much for her to handle — a movie like The Lion King, for example, has plenty of frightening scenes.

If she does get scared, talk it through it with her. Answer all her questions, and support her while she resolves her emotions. Let her know that it's okay to feel sad, angry, or scared — this will help her understand her reactions.

Movies can also bewilder kids: For example, your child won't really grasp the permanence of death until she's around 5 years old. She may wonder why a character who dies doesn't get up again, or ask where he went. This is perfectly okay — just try to answer her questions as best you can in brief whispers, and tell her you'll talk about it more when the movie's over.

Finally, consider these practical tips:

* Don't expect your child to sit through an entire movie. She may get fidgety or need lots of bathroom breaks. Be sure to sit near the aisle. * Try a weekday matinee — they tend to be sparsely attended, and you won't be interrupting anyone's date night, either. * Bring plenty of snacks. Avoid the concession stands for as long as you can!


Gud info la...tak boleh bawak our kids tgk citer yg scary or filem yg bunyi ganas2, takutkan mimpi ngeri plak di malam hari. Tak boleh tdo plak nnt....maybe nak bawak tgk HOP or RIO...comey cartoon tu. Mama and walid pun leh layan.


Wina Momma S and S said...

gud info nie, wina pun dapat from babycenter

actually kitorg pun tengah decide nk bawak Kira gi tgk wayang, kena tunggu filem yg sesuai :-)

·٠•●♥ NOR ♥●•٠· said...

hehe...wina nak tgk cite pe 2? Rio ke?... nor ada 1 kupon TGV utk budak... kalu berminat bg tau la... =)

Elin said...

wina: haah, sama lak wina. Elin dari 2 mggu lepas nk bawak g tgk movie..tapi cam risau tak tau die nak tak sit stiil nnt. Tapi kena try la kan..tak try tak tau. Coz me aand hubby memang kaki wayang dulu.

Nor: Aunty, nk tgk HOP or RIO...hah aunty nak bg pun boleh jugak..hihih....=)


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